Zeynep Beler’s color photographs offer a different perspective of urban texture with images of shops selling lighting materials on the Yüksekkaldirim Street of Galata district. All the images are shot at night and their placement on the wall refer to the street which is on a hill situated on a street in one of the oldest, most historical districts of Istanbul, these shops seem to offer a surrealistic atmosphere with what they sell and the way they sell it. Beler constructs a cinematographic narrative with her photographs which look like film rolls. Any viewer who could avoid the impact of this narrative would better see the 'visual craftsmanship' (llhan Berk) in each of these images taken meticulously by the artist. Be it Ankara where she lived most of her life or Istanbul where she currently lives, Beler’s camera is not directed towards ordinary urban scenes but the impressions these cities leave on her. This series is a sign of the artist’s tendency to internalize things even more.

- Necmi Sönmez, 2011

Installation view, "What I Love" Borusan Muzik Evi, 2011